Public Amenities & Benefits

More than 20 percent of the building is shared, public space

Main Floor Amenities

The main floor is open to the public during regular business hours and public amenities include: public washrooms, ATM, water filling stations and seating areas.

Public can also view our living plant wall that is 30 feet tall, has 2800 individually planted plants,
and has a UV lighting system to ensure they are getting maximum exposure for growth.


Realignment of Wascana Drive

As part of the Conexus Building Communities project, Wascana Drive was re-aligned, improving traffic and pedestrian flow. The new College Avenue and Wascana Drive intersection was straightened and signalled making it much safer for pedestrians and creating a welcoming gateway into the park. Additionally, the new Wascana Drive has public parking available on both sides of the street.

With the road realignment, we also put a brand new water supply line in, which also will feed into Wascana Pool.


No new parking lots were built for this project, with parking being developed under the Conexus building. Conexus will also be renting spaces from existing University of Regina parking lots south of the building. The rented spaces will be available for the public to use outside business hours on evenings (after 5:00 pm) and weekends. 

The Atrium Link to Darke Hall

Darke Hall is a cultural and heritage landmark in Saskatchewan and the building’s link is a crucial piece of the Conexus building design. Linking through a shared atrium, Darke Hall is now accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy a performance. The expanded lobby and crush space enhance the patron experience, providing a space to mingle during performance intermissions and more. Additionally, the Darke Hall link can also serve as a winter garden, public gathering space and a presentation venue.

 If you think Darke Hall would be a perfect fit for your gathering, please click HERE for more info.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Conexus' business incubator, Cultivator, uses over 15,000 square feet of the building. Cultivator is the first credit union led business incubator and supports in the development and mentoring of Sasktchewan entrepreneurs.

Cultivator is located on the north side of the building, occupying portions of the ground and second floors. The Business Incubator is the first-of-its-kind in Regina and supports in the developing and mentoring of Saskatchewan entrepreneurs.The space will include flex space and pitch space.