Frequently asked questions

The partnership

Through this partnership, we’re able to help the University protect this historically significant campus and create an educational and cultural hub for future generations to enjoy. We’re a member-owned co-operative with an 80+ year history of doing the right thing in the community and this project allows us to continue of doing just that – giving back to the community.

As part of our partnership, with the University of Regina, we contributed $8.25 million ($3.25 million for leasing the land and a $5 million donation) to support the university's plans to save College Avenue Campus and restore Darke Hall.

By virtue of being next-door and attached to the building we are able to have a shared atrium and help the University save an estimated $10 million on infrastructure, maintenance and utilities like shared heating/cooling infrastructure. 

Our partnership with the University of Regina and the subsequent land transfer from the City of Regina went through a very public process.

The land proposed for the Conexus building was designated for future development in the Wascana Centre Master Plan released in May 2016. The process of developing that Master Plan included three public meetings in 2015 and opportunities for input through an online survey. 

The University held two open public sessions on the proposed partnership with Conexus. The consultation sessions were advertised twice in the Leader-Post. Email invitations went out to approximately 25,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the public. The consultations were also publicized during a media event where the University announced Conexus as the successful partner. 

There were also a series of targeted meetings with business groups, heritage groups and others.

The building


Our design was recommended by P3A and Donald Luxton a heritage consultant who worked closely with the College Avenue Campus Renewal project. Together, P3A and Donald Luxton created a look that harmonized Darke Hall, the campus and Wascana Centre, while ensuring a bird-friendly design of the building. This is a reflection of combining heritage aspects and the innovative design for the future that aligned to the building’s façade.

Yes. We consulted with Friends of Wascana Marsh early in our design process to discuss bird-friendly design. For the design of our building, the majority of the second and third-floor windows have coloured bands (frit) baked into a portion of the glass which will bring more colour to the exterior and reduce the reflection of the windows. The windows also have a 12-inch mullion – between every second window on the second floor, and between every window on the third floor – which significantly reduces the reflection of the glass and from certain angles, gives the illusion that the walls are solid.


The building is 80,000 sq. feet and houses' Conexus' corporate employees and our business incubator, Cultivator, which will use over 15,000 square feet of the space. 

More than 20 per cent of the building is shared, public space and includes a variety of amenities including public washrooms, water filling stations, seating areas, and ATM. 


No new parking lots were created for our building. We have parking under the building and are also leasing existing parking spaces from the University of Regina parking lots. The leased parking spaces are available for the public to use outside business hours on evenings and weekends.

Yes. Conexus will pay property taxes. Revenue will also come to the City of Regina via servicing agreement fees and building permits. In addition, Wascana Centre will benefit from land use and development fees paid by Conexus for the initial development, as well as annual licensing fees.


The main floor is open to the public during regular business hours. Public amenities will include public washrooms, ATM, and seating areas.

The public space also has water filling stations.

As part of the Conexus Building Communities project, Wascana Drive was re-aligned, improving traffic and pedestrian flow. The new College Avenue and Wascana Drive intersection was straightened and signalled making it much safer for pedestrians and creating a welcoming gateway into the park. Additionally, the new Wascana Drive has public parking available on both sides of the street.

With the road realignment, we also put a brand new water supply line in, which also will feed into Wascana Pool.

Darke Hall is a cultural and heritage landmark in Saskatchewan and the building’s link is a crucial piece of the Conexus building design. Linking through a shared atrium, Darke Hall is now accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy a performance. The expanded lobby and crush space enhance the patron experience, providing a space to mingle during performance intermissions and more. Additionally, the Darke Hall link can also serve as a winter garden, public gathering space and a presentation venue.

 If you think Darke Hall would be a perfect fit for your gathering, please click HERE for more info.



Cultivator is Conexus' business incubator, the first credit union led business incubator in Canada, and helps grow and launch Saskatchewan startups. Since launching in January 2019, Cultivator has incubated over 75 companies resulting in 300+ jobs created, $22.8 million in private capital raised and $14.4 million in revenue generated. This new space allows us to grow even more startups and provide resources to grow our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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