Business incubator

Building a community of entrepreneurs

Our unique partnership with the University of Regina has always been about much more than a building in the park. When you love entrepreneurs and small businesses like we do, it makes perfect sense to create a space that helps local start-ups bring their business plans to life.

We’re designing Regina’s newest business incubator with the help of some of the smartest folks we know. We’ve started the conversation with a number of organizations including:

  • our partners at the University of Regina
  • the Regina and Saskatchewan chambers of commerce
  • local entrepreneurs (of course!)

A perfect fit

Credit unions are known for their history of supporting business development in this province. Half of the small businesses in Saskatchewan are financed by a credit union, but financing is just one way we can help. We’re working with our partners to explore the many ways a business incubator can support business development in this province.

For entrepreneurs, the incubator will provide the extra support they need to get off the ground on their way to building a stronger Saskatchewan. For Conexus, it’s another way to support the financial well-being of our members and give back to the community that’s helped us grow.

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