Project update – pre-construction work continues

Posted on Jun 5 2018

As part of our commitment to our members and the community, we’ve shared information with you about activities that will be taking place at the Conexus Building Communities site over the next number of months including pile load testing, tree removal and relocation, as well as roadwork.

We understand there is a keen public interest in the project and we want to keep you as up-to-date as possible. Beginning today, (Tuesday, June 5) and over the next number of months, you’ll see increased activity at the site and the following information provides further details and provides answers to questions you may have.   

Tree activities
We have been working very closely with the Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) and relying on its expertise in developing a vegetation plan. The PCC has experience with tree assessment, removal and relocation.

Some trees will be removed, while others will be relocated. When we talk about trees that can’t be relocated, we are proud to be able to give back to the park by planting three trees for each one that is removed. The new trees that will be planted stand approximately seven feet high. They will then flourish and grow elsewhere in the park for the enjoyment of all in the years to come. You’ve heard us say this project is more than just a building, it’s about giving back to our community. Adding to the vegetation in the park goes along with our commitment to give back and enhance the park for future generations.  

Why aren’t all the trees being relocated?
Examining the environmental impact of any project is part of the approval process. The PCC and its partners in the park have completed successful tree moves, removals and replacements in the past. Some of the factors that come into play relating to tree relocation are the tree species, size and condition.

Of the trees that are scheduled to be removed, a number are Green Ash. It’s recommended that the Green Ash are not relocated due to a recent provincial announcement of the Emerald Ash Borer as a designated insect pest.

We should note that vegetation assessments are ongoing and this is the information we can share about the trees as we know it today. 

What type of roadwork is being done?
In accordance with the 2016 Wascana Centre Master Plan, the road will be realigned to address safety concerns at the Wascana Drive/College Avenue intersection. Roadwork will begin following design approval by the PCC.

Will roadwork impact traffic in the park?
As is the normal practice, public announcements will be made well in advance about any roads impacted by construction. Access to the park and the pool will continue to be maintained through the use of temporary roads and detours.

When will the public have a chance to look at the design of the building?
We are working very closely with the PCC on design approval as to what the building will look like. Once we have final approval on the design, we can move forward with a public design unveiling. We anticipate that will take place this summer.  

Why is this work being completed before the approval of the design?
The pre-construction work (fencing, pile load testing, tree relocation and removal) needs to take place before work on the physical building begins. Once we receive design approval, we can then start working on the roadwork and construction of the building.

Next steps
As we continue to prepare for these activities, you will see a construction fence go up around the site.

If you have any further questions about the project, you can email us using the Contact Us form on this website.




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