Project Update - New activity at the site

Posted on Aug 7 2018

As part of our commitment to our members and the community, we want to share information with you about new and continued site activity that will be taking place at the Conexus Building Communities site over the coming weeks.

Tree work

We will be working to remove the remaining tree stumps and prepare the ground for pre-construction activities as outlined below.

Site preparation

As mentioned in June, there is pre-construction work that needs to take place before work on the building begins. In preparation for construction, the site will be hydrovac-ed (a non-destructive method of excavation) to expose utilities, and installation and relocation of underground utilities will begin. Regular excavation work will also start for the base of the relocated Wascana Drive. You can expect to see large machinery on site to complete this work.

Temporary path

There will be a temporary bike path and walkway installed on the west side of Wascana Drive. This temporary path is necessary to ensure the safety of Wascana Park patrons during site activity. The temporary path will remain in place for the majority of construction, until the new sidewalks and landscaping is installed.

If you have any further questions about the project, you can email us using the Contact Us form on this website. We encourage you to visit this site regularly to keep up-to-date about the project.


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