Pre-construction activity at Conexus project site

Posted on Apr 17 2018

As we continue to work on the design of a new building, we want to keep you up-to-date about some activities you may notice taking place at the project site during the next few months.

Pile load test
You may see large machinery conducting this test to ensure the stability of the foundation before beginning construction. It’s common to see concrete trucks and large pieces of steel being maneuvered for this type of test.

Tree activities
Examining the environmental impact of any project is part of the approval process. The PCC and its partners in the park have completed successful tree moves, removals and replacements in the past. For any trees that can’t be moved, replacement trees will be planted in other areas of Wascana Centre. Some of the factors that come into play relating to tree relocation are the tree species, size and condition. Conexus is working with the PCC to come up with a specific reforestation plan.

In accordance with the 2016 Wascana Centre Master Plan, the road will be realigned to address safety concerns at the Wascana Drive / College Avenue intersection.

Design update
We are working very closely with the PCC on design approval as to what the building will look like. Once we have final approval on the design, we can move forward with a public design unveiling and construction of the physical building. The pre-construction work needs to take place before work on the building begins.

If you have any further questions about the project, you can email us using the Contact Us form on this website. We encourage you to continue to visit this site to keep up-to-date about the project.


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